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Signa Software Group - is a a group of like-minded people united by a desire to create a clear, simple program for home accounting.

In 2004, Sergey and Natasha decided that current programes of personal accounts do not satisfy the basic requirements of simplicity and convenience, so they wrote their own one. A month later, the program that was simply called «Personal Finance» started working. However, during two years we have used it only in personal purposes. In this period the errors were corrected and the new facilities necessity of which was resulted from real operation of the program were added.

In 2006, Alex joined the group. Thanks to him, the programe interface and its appearance were radically redesigned.

In 2007 the group has made the program commercial and has started to advance it in the Internet. "Personal Finance" has been placed on our server on April, 1st, 2007. The program attracted users immediately with its simplicity and functionality. Unsophisticated home accountants and experienced professionals found in the program all they wanted, but could not receive in other programs.

The same year there was a significant event in a group life - Natasha has married. It has quickly led the program to get possibility of operating the finances of the whole family. So there appeared «Family Finances» .

Sergey Ignatiev

Project manager

Project manager

Program versions for Linux and PDAs

Natasha Ivanova

Lead Programmer

Lead Programmer

Versions for Windows and Mac OS X

Alexey Petrov



Internet Server support

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