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Family Finances

The accounting and analysis of your finance in the simple and clear form. Be always well informed, of how many money is in your purse!

Family Finances

"Family Finances" - Cross-platform home accountancy software for managing the finances of the whole family.

Behind external simplicity is the power of mathematical methods, allowing you to be always well informed of your familys financial condition.


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The work of several users

A whole family of up to 32 people can work with the program. Each family member will work independently, but the head of the family can receive reports and analysis of financial condition of the family as a whole.

The account of financial operations

The information about financial transactions made is stored in the program Journal. Any time you can answer the questions when (was it)? where (did the money come from)? where (had the money disappeared)? how much (money there was)? and what for (was it done)?

Working with debts

Convenient opportunity to consider debt operations allows you to always know who owes you money and how much, or to whom and how much money you owe.


All the collected information can be presented in summary form in a variety of reports, giving much food for thought about the effectiveness of your economy.


The most important thing in the program - is the ability to analyze the collected data. This allows you to improve financial management and increase your wealth .


Automation of repetitive operations and a reminder of the necessary payment increases operational efficiency and will not let you forget about important events.


Simple accounting ideology

The successful work with the program does not require special knowledge and skills. You do not have to be an expert in accounting, economics or mathematics.


The program runs under various operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

User-friendly interface

The program has a simple and understandable interface. It is easily managed both with a mouse and keyboard. The interface is specially designed for quick and easy access to all features and functions of the program.

High speed

The program's core is a specialized database management system. This enables to process your data at a speed that is not available for regular programs.

The trial version

You can get free program with three-month probationary period..

Working with lots of currencies

The program can work with any number of currencies (in reasonable limits). You can use any existing or invent your own monetary unit.

Accounts and item plans of any complexity

You can create any number of accounts and items in any unrestricted (in reasonable limits) level of nesting and detail.

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